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I just spent the better part of the past hour standing outside on my balcony watching a dozen of Tuscaloosa's civil servants dealing with one drunk fratboy. I went outside to get a little air before I went to sleep, and a drunken fratticus --who's name is Travis, as it turns out-- stumbled up to the front of his truck, pissed, and then got in to leave. He got as far as turning his lights on before he just absolutely passed the fuck out.

About 10 minutes later a UP doing a walk-through of the parking lot noticed the truck sitting there with the lights on, and thus ensued much banging on the windows and then opening the doors to shake him and go "Hey Travis" to try and wake this guy up. Over the course of approximately 40 minutes one UP turned into five cops (each in their own squad car), five firefighters (in a fire engine), and two paramedics (in an ambulance).

They loaded Travis into the bus about a 20 mins ago. It's 80 degrees out, but I could see that his feet were covered up as they pushed the stretcher into the back of the ambulance. They drove off without running the lights or sirens, and then the fire engine left, and now the cops are all milling around Travis' truck like they're waiting for someone. I think it's entirely possible that Travis is dead.
Tags: life, true crime
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