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I mean, fuck. That thing seriously looks like a goddam goiter. --
I say fuck a lot
-- or, It is my personal opinion that Ann Coulter is a man dressed in women's clothing.

I make no secret of the fact that I hate Ann Coulter, but if I'm flipping through channels and I happen to see him on Wires and Lights in a Box flapping his yap about something or other, I usually can't help but stop and stare in amazement for at least a couple of minutes. That bitch's adam's apple is HUGE. It's way bigger than mine, and I've got a neck like a fucking bull. I wear a nineteen-and-a-half inch collar for Crom's sake, and even that feels a little snug sometimes. I'm half a step away from having to get my shirts custom-tailored.

He'd be the Mona Lisa of transvestites* if it wasn't for that gigantic goddamn adam's apple. And those heavy-ass cheekbones. And the rock-breaking knuckles on those huge-ass manhands. Then again, maybe she's just a really mannish-ass looking woman with an overabundance of testosterone. It would explain why the bitch is so crabby all the damn time.

*The 40 Year Old Virgin is funny as hell. Go watch it.