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(no subject)
Self-Portrait 3
Since when the shit is the Crüe old enough to get played on a classic rock station?


Man, fuck you guys.

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Dude, I say the same about Guns N fucking Roses.

Guns'n'Roses is even worse. At least Motley Crue came out in the '80's.

Not that I don't like the rock, but damn, are these fuckers trying to make me feel old?

GNR came out in 87, yo. True, Crue came out in 81, but still...

Yeah yeah.... Hell, I feel old as shit after helping a friend move into Rose Towers -- Freshmen everywhere!! Fuckin' kids. I'm too too young to feel this damn old.

You think that's bad? I even hear Nirvana on classic rock stations now. And classic rock stations have been playing the Black Crowes since at least the late 90's.

Yeah, I get that feeling all the time when I'm listening to Classic Rock stations. I think it's more that the term is more loosely defined now that it used to be. Will you play cards with me when we move into our nursing home?

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