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Might very well add up to

Fortunately for me, I happen to keep legal counsel on retainer in the city of Atlanta.

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I am so there too. Also, on Monday after checkout, I'm planning on making a trip to Chinatown in Atlanta. You're welcome to come too.

Well, then, you suck. Why are you hating on my woman?

Because she's a hypocritical, annoying as hell, attention mongering whore.

Don't tell me I suck, you love me. :P

That's how much I hate her. Don't get on my bad side. :P

I'm still trying to get to the root of why you hate her. Did she kick your puppy? Try to steal yo man? Burn you in a dance-off and then go "Ooooh! You got SERVED!"? Call you a ball-licker?

1) Why?


2) Are you coming to Dragoncon to kick her ass for it?

I can't describe my reasons. It's just her existence I guess. And the fact that I am forced to endure endless mind-numbingly dumb segments of her on a show I would otherwise enjoy.

Sadly, we can't come to Dragon*Con. I have all of about $5.00 in my bank account and that doesn't seem to be adequate. :(

That sucks. I was really hoping you guys would be able to make it down.

Also, I completely disagree with your assessment of Kari Byron.

Well, we'll have to agree to disagree. :-D

You know, there are just some people that rub you entirely the wrong way. Kari and Gloria Estefan are two of mine.

Are you going to come by the office of your legal counsel while you're in Altanta?? You'd better, or I might up my retainer fee from that $1 you gave me.

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