Will (hellblazer) wrote,

Man, the shit you see when you start randomly flipping channels at 6:50 on a Saturday Morning.

-- I just caught the tail end of an episode of Bonanza that featured The King of Cartoons -- the second King, not the first one -- playing a famous opera singer/suspected runaway slave. He was performing a piece from "The Barber of Seville".


Prime-time television in the sixties must have been a weird place.

-- On a somewhat related note, during the two-year overlap when we were both in high school, Sam and I were rather fond of the phrase "happy as a runaway slave". I might have to bring that one back.

-- Yes, I know William Marshall was goddamn Blacula, in addition to being Dr. Richard motherfuckin' Daystrom. But every time I see him the first thing I think of is The King of Cartoons.

-- It's way too early to be up on Saturday morning, by the way. I'm going back to sleep for a couple hours.
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