Will (hellblazer) wrote,

That's what I get for flipping back and forth between "What not to Wear" and Next Generation

-- What's up with all the Jesus on The Learning Channel? First it was God or the Girl, then The Messengers and Shalom in the Home, then The Monastery, and now a piece of dreck that I dismiss solely on the strength of its awful title, something called Trial by Choir.

-- "The Price" is one of the few Next Generation episodes that's so bad that it skyrockets into the realm of hilarious. Highlights include-

- shadowy lighting and claustrophobic camera angles

- stilted performances and out of character snark from pretty much everybody

- Ferengi Overacting Theatre

- an alien with an honest to god butt on his forehead and another one wearing a bit

- a "girl talk while we're working out" sequence between Dr. Crusher and Counselor Troi that features (1)Future Space Leotards that are so massively ugly that they make two totally hot women holding onto each other and stretching be not sexy at all, and (2)Gates McFadden sporting a camel-toe so glaringly obvious that I'm surprised they didn't put a pixelated square over her crotch (see pic linked above. Note cameltoe).

- a sequence with Data and Geordi in a shuttlecraft where Brent Spiner has this look on his face during the entire scene like LeVar Burton just cut a fart and he's trying really hard not to choke on it
Tags: nerd, stupid tv
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