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I went on a shopping trip to Wal-Mart this past Monday night, and I impulse-bought the first figure I've bought in a long time. In a long time for myself, at least; I got Dave an Iron Fist for Christmas. But anyway, I picked up Spider-Man in his "Hi, my name is Peter and I'm Tony Stark's little bitch" outfit. I bought it out of nostalgia than anything else; picking up Spidey's variant costumes was the beginning of my action figure collecting habit lo those many moons ago.

It's weird, I think, that Pete would have so many variant costumes, given how iconic the look of his original suit is. I've got six figures, and I can think of at least three-- no, four more suits off the top of my head that I don't know if they ever even made figures for.

. . .

. . . Hard to believe I'm single, innit? C'mon, ladies, don't be shy. You know you wanna get down on this.
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