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WOW. I may never trust a Rotten Tomatoes rating again.
I say fuck a lot
The new Ninja Turtles movie currently stands at 17%. This number is meaningless to me, as my reaction to said movie is an unshakeable "New Ninja Turtles movie? Fuck yeah!" They've already got my eight bucks, I just haven't given it to them yet.

No, my problem is with one of the negative reviews, specifically the pull-quote (is pull-quote hyphenated?) from the reviewer:

"A throughline of organized violence permeates "TMNT" as a baby step toward preparing youngsters to become soldiers in America's never-ending war on humanity."

These words were written by a Cole Smithy, and, I'm sorry, but that sentence is just dumb. Cole Smithy is apparently a Tomatometer Critic, which sucks for them; anyone who'll give weight to an opinion like that is about as useful to me as the proverbial poopy-flavored lollipop. It also doesn't help that the review up until the end (where this statement falls) is pretty lousy. It's the typical "Summarize the plot and name-drop the stars and roles" review that's become so prevalent on the internet.

That prevalence, incidentally, stems from so many film fans going "The internet has given everyone in America a voice! I'll use my voice to review movies!" and then completely ignoring the fact that they have NO IDEA how to actually review a film. But that's a rant for another time.

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My friend Marc turned me on to The Filthy Critic which is generally better than rotten tomatoes. He and I don't always agree but for the most part he's good, plus he's usually pretty funny.

I liked Garth Franklin at Dark Horizons, but they redesigned the site a few years ago and it put me off so much that I stopped going there. The only critics I really pay attention to are most of the guys at CHUD.

I don't usually actually read the Rotten Tomatoes reviews, but that one was so odious I couldn't let it pass.

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