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(no subject)
Self-Portrait 3
I sent Sam an email last night with the subject line "My ass is hurting", because (1) My ass was indeed hurting at the time, and (2) my posterior pain had a direct bearing on the questions raised in the email. It suddenly occurs to me that, as I haven't yet heard back from him, it may well have been eaten by his spam filter.

Stupid spam filters. "Ass" isn't a bad word. It doesn't even have four letters.

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What were the questions raised?

I wanted to see if he had a spare office chair sitting around. The one I have is a decade old and hurts my tender patootie.

The knee chair you have at home, or your chair at work? If you're replacing the knee chair, I might take it off your hands and try to refurbish it.

My knee chair. I actually got a new chair at work a couple years ago. It looks like a cheap piece of crap, but it's actually very comfortable and </i>very</i> sturdy.

And I like you way too much to let your plans to claim and refurbish the knee chair come to pass. I sit in that thing naked, sir.

Wow. Thank you. Especially since I was planning on getting it for Melissa.

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