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-- I had a short comments conversation with Luke today wherein he seemed a bit surprised by something that I thought was common knowledge amongst my circle of friends, but apparently not. So in the interests of full disclosure and being stuck at work and bored as hell, allow me to share.

I live alone. With the exception of the year I lived in the house with the Sarahs and The Room With The Revolving Door, I've lived alone for the past decade. I rarely have visitors, and almost never of the unannounced variety. So I go around my apartment naked, because I honestly don't see any reason not to. It's not like there's anything down there I haven't seen before. Basically what that means is that if it's a physical object in my apartment, there's about a 60% chance that it's touched bare ass. Doors? Ass. Fridge? Ass. Closet doors? Ass. Oven? Ass (and boy howdy, THAT was a close one). And if we're talking a chair or couch, something actually designed for posterior contact, those odds go up to better than 100%. Definite bare-bottom contact.

I'm just putting that out there, so to speak. Just so you know.

-- Reader Request Time! has been more successful than I ever thought it would be. The latest batch of questions will be answered this weekend, either on Saturday or Sunday. In the meantime, the question thread is here. Feel free to offer any and all inquiries within.

-- I'm still laughing at those damn puppies. "Im in ur mouf", indeed.
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