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-- The preceeding two-week break has been brought to you by Horrible Apathy, the Bottomless Pit of Depression, Crushing Lonliness, and the letter Q.

And the number 6.

-- They're cleaning the shopping carts at the Pubix again tonight, which doesn't bode well for a good nights rest. They take the carts and baking racks and trolleys --basically everything in the store that's metal and has wheels-- and roll them out into the parking lot and pressure-wash them. You know that sound a shopping cart makes when you roll it across the asphalt? It sounds like that, but much smoother and a little higher pitched, with the *WHOOOSSSSSH* of the pressure sprayer as an undertone. The two tones combine in to what can best be described as a ringing, metallic hiss. The last time they did it the noise wormed its way into my subconscious and I had a very strange dream/nightmare about rescuing Sarah and Shelli from a cult of snake worshippers.
Tags: in dreams, life
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