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Just so I have it all in front of me

I ordered it all yesterday, and in a perfect world I'd have it all in my hot little hands by Friday, but that'll never happen. Oh well. With any luck it should all be in the air by the end of the week.

-- I hit up an eBay vendor that I've patronized before and I bought a new noren. I don't need a new one, but it was really nice, and I liked it, and I got it for about 50% of the going rate.

-- I got the new Ex Machina, the new Y, and a couple of Transmet trade paperbacks from khepri.com

-- I got two new sets of stationery, a journal, and Brian K. Vaughan's issue of Midnighter from tfaw.com

-- I got Sam's present, some shoelaces, and a new pair of stompies from botac.com

I like having things. It's fun.
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