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Self-Portrait 3
I ended my bit more than two-year struggle with Comacast last night with a complete and unconditional surrender resulting in cessation of hostilities. Even if they could give me reliable, consistently functioning service (which they either can't or just won't), I have no desire for it at this point. There's too much bad blood associated with it. It suddenly occured to me yesterday that I was paying these people to be one of the more constant and aggravating stressors in my life, and that's just silly.

I'll be limited to work for my internet access for the near future, which isn't really a bad thing. I spend most of my time here in front of a computer anyway, and I absolutely have no moral objections to using the office copier for personal business, as it were.

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Hooray! You'll probably get a ton done at home without the intarwebs to distract you.

I barely ever go online at home anymore. I too have no moral objections to using work equipment for personal reasons.

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