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Polar Bear
Ask me questions to answer, that I might shift the burden of having to come up with content onto shoulders other than my own.

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Why did you decide to lay off the self-abuse? Purity of Essence or some shit?

Where's the best place (online or meat-space) to get a decent folder, discount or not (preferably under $40)? Basically, something reliable enough to be used semi-regularly as a tool, but also be reliable in combat.

Second part! Other than a folder, what are some decent options for self-defense tools you've come across? Preferably something that can fit in one's pocket, but up to 9" long would be acceptable. I'm curious as to what you've come across - no price limit on this, of course.

Please tell us the dramaz with your living situation. Enquiring minds want to know! MUAH!

Holy Crap I love that userpic. I've only met two other people in the world that like those damn socks.

Crescent Fresh indeed.

Olly is my hero, but I love puppets in general. That show was so fricking brilliant. :)

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