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John Constantine
I've been considering, of late, renaming this journal. No real reason behind it, just decided I maybe wanted to. So I went to the "rename account" page and did what I thought was a dry run through the process, just to see what it entailed.

Maybe you get a freebie the first time around, or maybe someone brought me a rename token at some point in the past. However it happened, turns out that on my supposed "dry run", I was running weapons hot. And so...

The name on this journal has been changed to hellblazer. Tell your friends, and update any links and lists as necessary.

I bet this is how people accidentally get pregnant.

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I hope no one gets pregnant doing a dry run, because that sounds painful.

I meant to ask about that. When you commented on my journal, I immediately noticed two things:

1. It was you.
2. The lj name was different.

But I didn't comment for fear that I had lost my marbles. As if I had them...

You are correct, failed dry runs is exactly how people accidentally get pregnant. Wear a condom next time.

I like the name, it suits you.

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