Will (hellblazer) wrote,

-- I think I'm starting to warm up to this whole messenger bag thing. At first I was prepared to write it off as a big pile of fail, but with a little creativity in the packing process you can fit quite a bit of stuff in there. So I guess that means I'll be buying a better one than (or doing some modding to) the one I have now, but that's okay. That's why I bought one that only cost me ten bucks. Also, as an added bonus, Matt says the messenger bag makes me look less like I'm planning on climbing a tower and nine millemeting random passers-by than my ALICE pack does. Which is news to me, as I honestly didn't realize I was makin' with the Charles Whitman vibes, so, uh, yeah. My bad.

-- Eternal Image - Brand Name Funerary Products That Celebrate The Passions Of Life. Apparently they're not kidding, and there's a market out there for this stuff. I find it very creepy and more than a touch tasteless. BUT.

The Star Trek Urn is so pimp that I'm now seriously considering getting cremated.
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