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Self-Portrait 3
LOTR was excellent, as always, and Chinese was good. I see now why Josh is always going on about the honey chicken at Lai Lai's, although it was a bit sweet for my tastes, and for Sarah's as well. It was still very good.

Sarah #2's mother came down yesterday, and the two of them are heading back to Huntsville today, and Matt and Dave took off for Chicago last night, so Sarah is apparently left with me to keep her company this weekend. I hate to tell her, but I'm going to have to abandon her tomorrow to go play DQ. I'm trying to finagle it so that I'll be free for most of the day before I head over to Dave and Cooper's, but it's not looking so good right now.

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How are you doing? Tell Sarah #1 I said hello.

Also, what's DQ? I'm not down with that lingo.

Hey :) Good to hear from you. I'll be sure to pass on your message. I'll try to call you tomorrow afternoon or Monday afternoon; more likely Monday, as that's the next time I'm sure I'll have some free time.

DQ is a roleplaying game that's been out of print for about as long as you've been alive; it's the kind of thing you have to be a REALLY big geek to even know about, but playing it makes you totally cool. Like me.

I'm lookin forward to the call. I was hoping DQ was some new eating game that involved Dairy Queen. You know, like that thing you and Trevor had going for a while where'd you eat at the worst place imaginable once a week? I bet my brother's remember DQ, I'll have to ask them about it.

Speaking of eating, I think you and a group should come visit Decatur's famous Steak and Shake over spring break. And, if you just happen to run into me, well, bonus for you! :)
P.S. You'll always be cool, even if you are turning into a woman

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