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Self-Portrait 3
The Man Who Wasn't There was very, very good. I heartily recommend it, especially to anyone who likes Coen Brothers films.

Speaking of which, I've come to the conclusion that that Joel and Ethan Coen just might be the finest filmmakers working in Hollywood. I have yet to see a film of theirs that wasn't immensely entertaining, and their body of work includes a wonderful variety of genres, most of which they seem to be able to pull off better than people who claim to specialize in those types of films. But, they lose pretty major points with me by not being big fans of DVD. You can't even get Miller's Crossing or Barton Fink on DVD, and the only DVD of Blood Simple that I can find to rent is pan-and-scan, which is completely unacceptable. I think there's a special edition disc that's got a widescreen director's cut, but I'll probably have to buy it to get it.

Blade 2 this Friday night or Saturday. Also Friday night: Shaving my head.

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I apologize for not returning a comment to yours. I've been neglecting the internet and the computer in general to spend more time with my books and heating pad. I'm glad you enjoyed the movie. They crack me up. This weekend, I watched Lolita and Angela's Ashes. Angela's Ashes is a good movie, depressing, but apparently a pretty accurate portrayal of poor people in Ireland during the 30's, 40's, and some of the 50's. Lolita was fucking creepy, but I have to admit that it was good. It was like watching car crashes or surgery... ready to piss my pants the whole time, but had to look. I'm leaving on Saturday, but I'm planning on coming back Thursday or Friday. If you're in town, I'd like to hang out. If we make semi-plans, I'm better about coming out during daylight and doing stuff.

Which Lolita did you see, the one with Jeremy Irons and Dominique Swain? I've caught that one on Showtime a few years ago, and it is indeed mad phat oogy. And yes, I should be in town all week next week. I was planning on splitting the week with my mother, with us spending half the time in Greensboro and half the time here, but I just found out that her spring break isn't until the second week of April, so there goes that plan, down the drain. To tell you the truth I'll probably spend a good bit of next week apartment hunting. But when you get back give me a call. I'd love to hang out.

I saw the one with Irons and Swain. Yeah, good movie, freaking fucking weird as hell though. Since you will be in town, I'll call you when I return. So, Thursday or Friday it is!

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