Will (hellblazer) wrote,


The Man Who Wasn't There was very, very good. I heartily recommend it, especially to anyone who likes Coen Brothers films.

Speaking of which, I've come to the conclusion that that Joel and Ethan Coen just might be the finest filmmakers working in Hollywood. I have yet to see a film of theirs that wasn't immensely entertaining, and their body of work includes a wonderful variety of genres, most of which they seem to be able to pull off better than people who claim to specialize in those types of films. But, they lose pretty major points with me by not being big fans of DVD. You can't even get Miller's Crossing or Barton Fink on DVD, and the only DVD of Blood Simple that I can find to rent is pan-and-scan, which is completely unacceptable. I think there's a special edition disc that's got a widescreen director's cut, but I'll probably have to buy it to get it.

Blade 2 this Friday night or Saturday. Also Friday night: Shaving my head.
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