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"What's New, Scooby Doo? Same dog. New tricks. No ascot."
Self-Portrait 3
And deez nuts.

Anyway, for no reason I can fathom other than "the mood struck me", and in defiance of Michelle's accurate assessment that she and I make each other spend money (even tho' I seem to remember her scoffing when I said the same thing to her), I've bought a ridiculous amount of stuff off Ebay in the past few days.

I bought this:


and these:


and this:


and this:


and these:


And I got this, too, but it's not for me:


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blades and handbooks, needs beer now

I want a copy of that military riot beatdown cd if possible

whats your email address

Or email me. tweak180sx@yahoo.co.jp

Re: whats your email address

Anyone who wants a copy of Military Riot Beatdown 2k can have one for the princely sum of one dollar, or a blank CD-R. I should have a burner on my work machine or on my box at home or both within a couple weeks, so I'll gladly make copies.

And you can email me either at clearblueomega@hotmail.com or cockrell@bama.ua.edu. I check them both at least twice a day.

I like the second kubotan and the folder.

Funny that the kubotan you like is the one that's identical to Luke's.

Yeah, I know. But i like that one because of the grips. and the pointy end. =)

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