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Self-Portrait 3
It would appear that the best way for me to get something is to not want it at all. Which is frustrating, but still appealing in its utter simplicity.

It's been brought to my attention of late that by all appearances, I'm discontented with my life. And I suppose, in one or two vital ways, I am. But I take that out on my friends, and that's not right. Instead I've decided to focus that energy where it belongs, back in to me and who and what I am.

I think things are coming. I think they tried to sneak up on me, like they usually do, but they stumbled across the spider-sense this time. And I spotted it a good ways off on top of everything else, so when it gets here, I'll be ready. But I don't think anyone, maybe even me included, is actually going to be ready for what happens then.

Why do I like that?