Will (hellblazer) wrote,

The (Semi-) Daily Twit

  • 08:30 "Christian Side-Hug" stuck in my head DAMN YOUSE QUIN
  • 11:45 I don't think the squeak my machine is producing has stopped, per se; I think it's just gone into a register that only dogs can hear.
  • 12:18 Damned stomach. I feed you for a few days in a row, and now you bitch when you don't get anything. Dick move, stomach. DICK MOVE.
  • 13:22 Whether it will all get here in time is another matter entirely, but my primary Christmas shopping is DONE. I think this is a new record.
  • 18:35 I think my favorite thing about doing laundry on Thursday night is the crappy legal-advice call-in show on WVUA.
  • 18:38 For some reason it's always on and for some reason I love it. I have no idea why in either case.
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