Will (hellblazer) wrote,

The (Semi-) Daily Twit

  • 13:42 Hey, I found drugs! Sweet action.
  • 14:16 Right now would be a =really= bad time for someone from OSHA to wander through the shop. Just sayin'.
  • 16:21 It required a violation of the 1987 No Throne But My Own Accords, but I feel a lot better now. #overshare
  • 17:21 My travelling knife is still in my backpack from my trip home at Christmas. I probably shouldn't have brought that to work with me.
  • 17:45 I sort of intended to was clothes tonight, but (1) I'm tired, and (2) it's not like I =need= to. Laundry can 100% wait 'til Saturday.
  • 17:45 WASH. WASH clothes. Stupid... keyboard.
  • 18:37 I am hereby declaring myself Too Tired To Function Properly, and I'm not doing anything else tonight that involves thinking.
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