Will (hellblazer) wrote,

The (Semi-) Daily Twit

  • 12:39 What do you use for your EDC flashlight? I need a new one.
  • 14:07 Arc Flashlight: Testimonials From Owners of Arc Flashlights - New Flashlight, option… Three, maybe. I’m not... tumblr.com/xtb5v7zjv
  • 14:07 Surefire Flashlights G2 Nitrolonplus 6 FREE Batteries plus Guaranteed In Stock Surefire Flashlights, Surefire... tumblr.com/xtb5v80b7
  • 14:08 AA Maratac Flashlight - New flashlight, option One. Daddy like. tumblr.com/xtb5v80un
  • 17:03 Paisley Textured Solid Tie from Paul Fredrick - Finally. I’ve been hunting for a tie like this for years. tumblr.com/xtb5vczwe
  • 21:34 Okay, it is WAY colder outside than I thought it was.
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