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The (Semi-) Daily Twit
Self-Portrait 3
  • 00:12 Just finished disc 1 of Generation Kill. Alexander Skarsgård would make an =awesome= Sinestro.
  • 13:29 RT @hubspot ReTweet This to Win One of 3 Apple Tablets from @HubSpot bit.ly/bqcwYD
  • 13:30 Aww yeah. Spreadin' 'em to try and win an iPad.
  • 13:58 "Training" on our new computerized, networked timeclock. Swipe your card, punch your number, blah blah, Gaia blah blah, Moon
  • 15:42 What's the deal with Jersey Shore? Do any of those fuckbakes have real jobs or does MTV pay them to sit around and be douchetastic?
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