Will (hellblazer) wrote,

The (Semi-) Daily Twit

  • 11:54 Lick balls, Firefox spell checker. "Where'd" is absolutely a word; it's a contraction of "where" and "did".
  • 11:58 I =really= like sending off mail. I put three bills, two Netflix discs, my taxes, and a birthday card in the mailbox this morning (cont)
  • 11:58 And it made me so happy I did a little dance when I closed the mailbox and put the flag up.
  • 12:41 Unable to acquire physical Neil Gaiman tickets without going downtown, but the girl working the ticket booth at the Ferg was AMAZINGLY cute.
  • 13:16 Wow, there's stuffing coming out of my wallet. Super weak.
  • 14:02 Dude in the shop obviously drowned in a vat of cologne, was resuscitated, and then immediately came to work.
  • 17:31 'Cuz if you wanted to go out with Rodger Davies, how come you're here with me? #chochangwhathaveidone
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