Will (hellblazer) wrote,

The (Semi-) Daily Twit

  • 22:46 My ibuprofen intake for today is leaning hard on the OH LAWS DON'T TAKE MORE THAN THIS IN ONE DAY OR YOU GON' DIE dosage (1)
  • 22:47 (2), but I figure the fact that I'm pushing three bills gives me a little wiggle room on that kind of stuff.
  • 13:12 More and more I find my musical tastes falling into the category of "stuff that sounds like something Dean Winchester would listen to".
  • 15:15 I can think of a GREAT many places I'd rather be right now than work.
  • 15:36 The remainder of the supply of Twix (Twixes?) in the snack machine at work is stuck behind a Milky Way. Weak
  • 17:00 Hurm.
  • 17:35 I often forget that I am possessed of abilities whose full scope, reach and potential are almost wholly unknown to me.
  • 17:37 I vacillate between finding this terrifying and thinking it's pretty fuckin' wicked. Right now I'm leaning heavily towards the latter.
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