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(no subject)
Self-Portrait 3
I was looking at the news this morning, and I saw a sidebar link to an article that asked the following questions:

"Lindsay Lohan: What the hell happened?! She broke out at 12 with "The Parent Trap." Now she's going to jail. Where did it go wrong?"

Both the questions proposed by this headline have the same very simple answer --


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Oh man. I LOLd. Well played sir.

"Where did it go wrong?" Gee, let's see - let's take a girl who already has issues, make her stupendously wealthy just as she hits puberty, give her autonomy, fame, drugs, and legal impunity, all while hordes of people demand that she look like a menagerie of mutually exclusive, and individually unrealistic, archetypes. This isn't how you make a nice, successful actress, it's how you build a Hollywood version of Trash Can Man from The Stand.

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