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(no subject)
Self-Portrait 3
I'm trying for the first time the Publix store-brand Dr. Pepper knock-off -- which, in an absolutely STUNNING failure of imagination, is marketed under the name "Dr. Publix". It might be the worst off-brand Dr. Pepper I've ever tried. Not that it's bad, mind you; it's just very, very... meh. It sort of tastes like Dr. Pepper, somewhat, but mostly it just comes off like a weirdly-flavored cola. Also, it smells weird. There's a flowery, almost perfumey undercurrent to the scent that makes it almost smell like not-food. If I die in the next few days, it was probably this crap that did it. Avenge my death.

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my favorite off-brand dr pepper was found at Ingles in NC called "dr. perky"


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