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(no subject)
Self-Portrait 3
I feel a terrible, powerful, well-nigh irresistable urge to spend money.

Someone, please help.

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Buy me some cds.

1. The new Radiohead
2. The new Fountains of Wayne
3. (intentionally left open in anticipation of future desires)
4. The new My Morning Jacket

Re: ...or exploit you!

Hurm. Oddly enough, the desire to spend makes me want to spend on (1)me, or (2)totally babe-alicious chicks. You fit into neither of these categories, so... no.

But, I suggest you go on and get the new Fountains of Wayne anyway. It's purty good.

Re: ...or exploit you!

It got good reviews.

..and save your money.

i have a foundation (non-profit) in my name if you're interested in being charitable

all proceeds go to me =)

things you could purchase without feeling guilty:

-LOTR: Two Towers DvD (very nice preview of Return of the King on the special features disc)
-Soul Caliber II for X-Box
-LOTR Risk (complete with replicas of the one ring for each army)
-Mr. Show, Season 3
-LOTR chess set (the hobbits are pawns, heh heh)

Re: things you could purchase without feeling guilty:

Wow. I love you.

I went into this comic shop called the haven today and they had a little dungeon and dragons playset. there's probably some manlier name for it. anyhoo, I thought, "man, where's john robinson when you need him?" shortly after, I thought, "probably walking."

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