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--"There's a bit in Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell's FROM HELL where the fake psychic, Lees, says: 'I made it all up, and it all came true anyway.' That's how I'm starting to feel about TRANSMETROPOLITAN. 'Feedsite listeners' are multimedia bloggers. Girls with necrotising fasciitis scars from the streets of the City turn up in Marilyn Manson videos. Two-headed cats. Smiling politicians throwing advisors to the wolves following suspicious deaths. Glasses that take photos. We're living in the future. And God help you all, it's my future we're living in."

(C) Warren Ellis 2003

-- In the past three weeks, I've put in almost eighty hours of overtime. Busting my ass mercilessly at work, but I've let my actual life slide, so I still feel like I've been slacking off. I haven't had the time or really the energy to work on my kung fu this week, so I still suck. I haven't even worked on my chuck strikes, which I'll sometimes cheat and do even if I don't do anything else. I usually save them for the end of my workout as kind of a reward for myself.

-- I picked up a (nearly) full set of the Punisher Armory off Ebay this week. I've been having a grand old time reliving my childhood looking through those (Sam and I used to paw through them like they were catalogs when they first came out), but really they've served to remind me that I don't own a shotgun. I think my Christmas present to myself this year is going to be a Mossberg 12-gauge pump.

-- I'm pretty much under a self-imposed house arrest this weekned. Given that I'm so out of it that I literally ran out into traffic on Thursday because I quite simply forgot to look both ways before I crossed the street, I think it's for the best. Also, see below.

Luke-- Sorry I missed your call. I hit the button to mute my ringer instead of answer the phone and I sat there saying "Hello?" into an empty phone until I got the "you just missed a call" beep in my ear. Yet more proof that I don't need to be around things.
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