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Damn, this sucks. Contrary to what is apparently popular opinion I really don't watch that much TV. I leave it on in the background a lot because there have been two or three days at a stretch where the little people moving around in the box are the only human contact I get, but I don't really watch it all that much. However, I've never made any apologies at all for the fact that Tuesday night is TV night. I'll happily plop my ass down in front of the tube for three hours straight -- Buffy at seven, Somebody Save Me at eight, and taped Gilmore Girls at nine. Tuesday night, I watch my stories. End of discussion.

Well, those days are gone. No more Buffy and Somebody Save Me is on Wednesday nights. I guess I'm actually going to have to find something constructive to do on Tuesday nights now, because I now I can tape Gilmore Girls and watch it later, which wasn't an option before since I was archiving Buffy.

Anyway. The Matrix Revolutions comes out on November 5. The Return of the King comes out on December 17. Reloaded comes out on DVD on October 14. X2 comes out on DVD November 25. The extended edition of The Two Towers comes out on November 18. Terminator 3 comes out on November 11. The fifth season of Buffy and Firefly come out on December 9. All of these dates mean far too much to me. Maybe I should go out on a date or something.

Regardless of the accuracy of the preceeding statement, the Revolutions poster with Morpheus and Trinity on it is fucking hot.
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