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(no subject)
Self-Portrait 3
I am alive, if not entirely well. All concern expressed is duly noted and very, very much appreciated.

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Nice try, internet zombie! Eat buckshot!

Sigh. You know how zombies aren't alive, but sometimes in zombie movies people think they're alive through a wacky coincidence, and the drooling guy at the McDonald's counter really wants to eat your brains instead of putting poison in your food? That's what I was referring to. Only it was even farther removed, since zombies usually don't get online and pretend to be alive. If they did, they'd probably type out gibberish, or buy shares on eTrade.

I'm glad you're back. :-D Leather armor would be my choice of course, but it must have gems. Gems!!!!!*rubbing hands together greedily*

Oh, why with the gems? Flashy for flashy's sake?

No, not for flashiness. I'm obsessed with getting perfect gems in Diablo 2 so I can do lightning and poison damage etc. It's just translating into real life because I'm mentally retarded.

I think before you write yourself off as the retarded one you should think about the fact that I'm the one who actually spends his money on leather armor. I got these off ebay this weekend as an upgrade for the one's I've already got.

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