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"Will Smith: The Black Man Everyone at Work Can Agree On"
Self-Portrait 3
-- I'm inordinately proud of the fact that I didn't do shit at work today.

-- Conversely, I'm embarrassed by the fact that I haven't done anything at home tonight but watch Gilmore Girls and read. I have laundry I need to do, I need to clean up, there are some dishes to be done, I've got yet more crap I need to take to storage, and I haven't emailed Josh in almost a month. But did I get any of that done tonight? Of course not. Oh well, it'll keep me busy tomorrow night. I can tape Somebody Save Me and Angel and watch them this weekend.

-- Speaking of Gilmore Girls, a couple things occurred to me while I was watching it tonight. First off, they've never done a Hallow'een episode, which surprises me. Seeing as the show's based in a place called Stars Hollow, they could probably pull off a pretty good Headless Horseman riff.

-- I could be wrong about this, but I can't recall that I've ever seen it rain in Stars Hollow. Which could just be coincidence, but if it's something they've done deliberately it's kind of a neat little bit.

-- Alexis Bledel has a nice butt.