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(no subject)
Self-Portrait 3
Quick question, while it's on my mind:

Do ankle-length skirts drive anybody else crazy, or is it just me?

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Eh. They just seem really impractical and constraining to me. Hey, did you go to kung fu last night? And if so, how was it?

Of course they're impractical and constraining. That's not the point. We're two men discussing a style of women's clothing, how did practicality even enter into the equation?

And no, I did not go to Kung Fu last night, due in no small part to the fact that I may very well have broken my hand last night while I was working on Pa Qua. Ram's head punch. Full force. Steel door. Upleasant.

Skirts are for showing some skin.

you were going to go to kung fu? I was there. And we did push! I knew you were taking kung fu (via Luke), but I didn't know that you were going. Awesome. See you next Monday? or sunday.

But no, I don't like ankle-length skirts. If I'm going to cover myself all the way to my ankles, I'll wear pants. And if I want to be dressy at the same time - dress slacks.

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