Will (hellblazer) wrote,

--"If I use the word "monkeymass" to describe a vocal section
of the comics "fan" population online, I invoke Harlan
Ellison, who used the word first in my experience. And
there but for the grace of god. The guy's a hundred years
old, but you can still read of him described as an "enfant
terrible," often simply because his personal sense of what
is right is unquiet. Who the hell wants to be an enfant
terrible at thirty-five? It's embarrassing. Who wants to
be a "gadfly," which is how, if I recall correctly, Ellison
described his own journalistic works when he was my age?
It invites swatting. It invites a constant expenditure of
your strength against the lazy palms of people too stupid
to tie your shoes. And look at the guy now. His cardiac
muscle is held together with garden twine and Lego. When
on his game, he's a magician of prose, and I imagine he's
won almost every significant battle he's fought. But I
can't help but wonder how much storytelling was not done,
was lost through endless days and nights of kicking against
pricks. I mean, you read about them in his essays, and I
sit there thinking, why did you elevate these people simply
by gracing them with your time? Why live in a constant
state of stress?

(c) Warren Ellis 2003

Now why didn't I think of that?

-- I had the strangest, most vivid dream last night. Me and a bunch of other people (some were people I know and some were characters from TV shows) were driving around in a post-apocalyptic United States. Most of the population had been wiped out by some sort of disease, and I got the feeling we were looking for something, either a cure or more survivors like us. We had a big armored RV and a couple of smaller escort vehicles, and they kept making me do the dangerous stuff like go outside and pump gas when we refueled. I also had to sit on top of the RV and man the guns up there when we got attacked. But the rest of the time, when there was nothing life-threatening that needed to be done, they made me wash dishes. Assholes.

We didn't seem to have many weapons other than the stuff that was moutnted on the RV and the other vehicles, and I was wearing a black coverall, like a flight suit, and my sleeves were rolled up and buttoned in place at mid-bicep, probably so I wouldn't get my sleeves wet while I was washing dishes.

-- I am of the firm opinion that lately, humanity has accomplished nothing. Our technology has continued to advance, motivated by porn, war, and absolutely nothing else, but other than that, we as a species have accomplished jack shit. We really, really should have been wiped out two generations ago.
Tags: in dreams, scattershot
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