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"Bring on the free hooch!" "Free? I didn't even invite your tired ass."
Self-Portrait 3
It's a weird sensation to sit here pleasantly intoxicated while my mother sits ten feet away. Ahh, the joys of the holidays. Nice to be forced to spend time with my family instead of my friends, just because they're in town. Apparently I only thought I was an adult.

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Hey, Will...

...this comment goes along with an entry made awhile back, but I thought I'd put it here since I wasn't sure you'd see a comment made on the older post. Anyhow, you said you saw Undercover Brother, right? Did you ever read my comic book plot Cap'n Afro? I think I showed you the cover anyway. Just wondering because when I saw the trailer for Undercover Brother I almost got sick it seemed so close to my idea for Cap'n Afro. Anyway, if you did read my story idea, how close did Undercover Brother come to it?


I don't know. I don't think I ever read the Captain Afro plot, but I do remember looking at the cover, and I seem to remember you telling me that Captain Afro went into some kind of suspended animation in the mid-seventies and got revived in the present. Undercover Brother is a guy who's from the present, but he acts like he's from the seventies. He does use Afro picks as weapons, and his main enemy is The Man, so from what little I remember you telling me about Cap'n Afro, there do seem to be some similarities.

This is a shameless attempt to convince you to move back to your old apartment building. I have discussed the prospect with Luke on several occassions, and we would love to have you as our neighbor! Our top reasons are:
6: You watch Buffy, like comic books, and can carry on a
conversation-- Possessing the three combined is a rarety among
5: You don't cook stuff with curry six hours a day.
4: You speak English.
3: You are a gentleman.
2: You are a Warrior (on Sabbatical).
1: You are fabulous and amusing.

I can so more ass kissing if necessary. Just let me know.

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