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(no subject)
Self-Portrait 3
Not much at all happening, and by "not much", I mean "jack shit".

I managed to do some laundry Tuesday night, and I was going to do some more last night until Sam pointed out to me that in a couple of days I'd be off for two solid weeks. I think what he meant was that if I wanted to I could sit around in the same clothes the whole time, but what he made me realize is that now that I have clean socks, I'll have plenty of time to wash the rest of my clothes in the coming weeks.

And you know what? That's it. That's what I've accomplished in the past week. Laundry. Wow.

Or maybe I've gotten a lot more than that accomplished, and I just can't force myself to write about it because right now I'm so bored I can't think straight.

Also, Luke, (1)congratultions on your graduation, and (2) you never did tell me what you wanted for Christmas.

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Any DVD that I don't have and you think I would like, a copy of The Cat Who Walks Through Walls, or Dark Tower 6. You wanna get together for some kung fu on Sunday? We're meeting up at Moore Hall at 1, then caravanning over to Sifu's at 1:30 (you're welcome to tag along, of course), so noon would probably be the best time.

Is Dark Tower 6 even out yet?

And provided that I'm in town, kung fu (kung fun!) Sunday sounds good. But, come sunday I might be over the hills and far away. I'll let you know.

...or, if you haven't gotten one of those yet, a paperback of "Bowling Alone" would be cool.

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