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(no subject)
Self-Portrait 3

Tomorrow I'm heading across the street to the Movie Gallery.

I'm going to rent Swept Away, Gigli, and Glitter. And I'm going to watch them all.

Pray for me. To whatever gods you believe in. Pray for me.

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which movie gallery are you across the street from cause I work next door to one. (the one on the strip) If you come by before 1 stop by and say hello.

dear god, man! good luck.
if you're feeling especially brave, go ahead and throw in Butterfly.

Isn't that the one with Mariah Carey? I've heard of people crying and jabbing fingers, car keys, anything handy, into their eyes to get out of having to finish it.

Unless you've heard differently.

Oh no, my friend. That's what Glitter is. Butterfly is an album she put out before Glitter came out.

Jesus Christ, why the hell do I know that?

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