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Well, this has been the best day ov my vacation, by fukcing far. I abandoned my plan of mocking bad movies today, and I'm very glad I did. really, what fun is mocking bad movies if you do it alone? None at all, says I. And so I skipped out on that, and I wnet and paid bills, which was much more enjoyable because it got me out of the house for a good three hours.

I went over to the tanning place and finally met zarkarella, which was fun. Now she knows what I look like so she can run the other way when she sees me on the street. I went and paid my cable bill and me light bill, which are the important ones, and I went to the used bookstore and picked up a George RR Martin short story collection, and I went to oz and got the soundtrack to Return of the King. Now I need to get The two Towers. Sam and I went shopping and got a DVD player for my nephews for christmas, and then went to hooters and drank with some guys from work. His work, not mine, tho I know most of them since I used to work there too. I lost count of the pitchers we downed.

You know, I wouldnt mind going back to work Monday, today's been such a good day. And I've got another week of sweet, delicious freedom. Damn, I'm smooth. And on top of all that, I'm about to go eat a big slice of chocolate cake.
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