Self-Portrait 3

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My typical EDC kit is --

-- phone

-- wallet

-- keys

-- flashlight

-- 2-4 notebooks

-- 1-3 pens

-- Sharpie

-- Swiss Army knife

-- Pocket knife

-- Afro pick

By which I mean God =damn= I'll be glad when it gets cold enough to start wearing a jacket on a regular basis. Even cheating and wearing painter's pants (which I usually do), carrying around all that stuff in a pair of jeans is a pain in the dick.
Self-Portrait 3

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I was looking at the news this morning, and I saw a sidebar link to an article that asked the following questions:

"Lindsay Lohan: What the hell happened?! She broke out at 12 with "The Parent Trap." Now she's going to jail. Where did it go wrong?"

Both the questions proposed by this headline have the same very simple answer --
Self-Portrait 3

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I locked down the privacy settings on my Twitter account; which means that Loudtwitter can't grab the feed to re-post it here, which means that The (Semi-) Daily Twit is a thing of the past, which means that there's a very good chance that my livejournal is going to wither and die.
Self-Portrait 3

The (Semi-) Daily Twit

  • 08:25 I have =gots= to figure out how to get independently wealthy. This working BS is for suckers.
  • 12:04 =squeeeeze=
  • 18:17 Ugh. I need a shave.
  • 19:08 Gah; so lazy that I don't even feel like watching TV right now. How pathetic is that?
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