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Self-Portrait 3

Real Fake Names

Found via them being friends of my friends on Facebook, names of actual living humans that sound completely made-up --

Juwanna Blackmon

Winter Reif

Beth Western (my personal favorite)
Give a Damn

I'm bored, and I'm angry. Not a good combination.

I was checking my gmail, and the ad at the top of the inbox was a link to an about.com photo gallery of 10 new dramas for this TV season. I've only looked at two of them so far, and that was enough to convince me that I need to be an asshole about all of them.

Life on Mars -- This might be good, and will probably be at least watchable if for no other reason than the presence of Chief O'Brien.  Still, it's a safe bet that the British original is probably better.

Eleventh Hour -- That premise sounds awful, but Rufus Sewell is pretty watchable, and Marley Shelton is cute in a weird, freaky way.  I'd at least give it a shot.

The Ex-List -- If that appeals to you at all, I hate you.  Do humankind a favor and make yourself die.

The Mentalist -- "If we make a show that's a complete ripoff of Psych but we make the lead an actual cop instead of a PI, do you think USA can sue us?"  "I dunno, lets find out!"

90210 -- They actually did that?  Hunh.  I thought that was a joke.

Privileged --  That premise does nothing for me one way or another, but at least the chicks are cute.

Fringe -- Damn.  The guys behind this show better be glad Fox decided to pick them up =before= they figured out the X-Files doesn't have an audience anymore.

Crusoe -- There isn't a hint of promise in the blurb under the photo, but I read an article earlier this week that says this is supposed to be a thirteen episode limited series that faithfully adapts Robinson Crusoe.  Which, if it's true, is the ballsiest thing either of the Big Three networks has done in a while.

Knight Rider -- If it's anything like the TV movie they did a couple months back they should be able to run it without ads, as it will essentially be an hour-long Ford commercial.

My Own Worst Enemy -- Wow.  I kinda thought that one was a joke, too.