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Self-Portrait 3

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My typical EDC kit is --

-- phone

-- wallet

-- keys

-- flashlight

-- 2-4 notebooks

-- 1-3 pens

-- Sharpie

-- Swiss Army knife

-- Pocket knife

-- Afro pick

By which I mean God =damn= I'll be glad when it gets cold enough to start wearing a jacket on a regular basis. Even cheating and wearing painter's pants (which I usually do), carrying around all that stuff in a pair of jeans is a pain in the dick.
Self-Portrait 3

Attention Nerds!

I need suggestions as to registry cleaners/spyware removers. I'm currently using AVG for my antivirus, ZoneAlarm for my firewall, and Spybot for my spyware removal. I also have Lavasoft AdAware installed, but that's almost certainly been compromised, since LavaSoft got bought out by Gator.

Snark from a Mac user in 3...2...
Self-Portrait 3

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Today's been slow, quiet and relaxing. I am officially pleased.

Today has also been very nearly devoid of human contact. Coincidence? I think not.

Anyway, where was I on the utility belt list? I need--

--A knife. I have a couple of pocket knives that would serve this purpose fairly well, but I'm looking at a couple others with some added functionality. I know I said specific tools for specific jobs, but it can't hurt if the specific tools can do side jobs, too. The S&W 911 rescue knife would be ideal.

--Fire. I was intending to use a Zippo for this, and I still might, but I'm seriously considering going with a refillable butane torch.

--Phone. Just my cell phone, in a nice little pouch. I doubt I'll ever buy a phone larger than this one, so no worries about space.

--Umbrella. A very small, Totes-type thing. Dave and Cooper have one in the backseat of their car that's about the perfect size.

--Camera. I think my best bet is to go with a small digital camera in the 1megapixel range, or at the very least something that does 640x480 images. Those would still be better than what I'd get from a 110, which according to Red they still make, but they take fuzzy pictures, so it wasn't just me.

--Portable Microscope. Apparently, the little Tasco ones that me and Sam used to have when we were kids has been reborn as the Lumagny 7552. It looks almost exactly the same, but has a bit more functionality

--Glass Cutter. Yes, a glass cutter. Just in case.

--Leatherman. Which I think pretty much speaks for itself. Think of it as a pair of pliers with a LOT of added functionality.

-- Portable Fire Extinguisher. There used to be a boxy belt-portable extinguisher that they sold from USCav, but I haven't seen one in years and there's no mention of it on their site. I guess it didn't work very well.

-- Flares. Portable bear flares fired from a pen launcher might do, but hopefully they make signal flares that will fire from these launchers, as well.

--Flashlight. Rayovac used to have a boxy little thing about the size of a pack of cigarettes that I've always thought would be perfect for keeping in a little pouch on a belt. I think I've got one laying around somewhere. Then again, I've got a spare Mini-Mag Lite. I could swap out the bulb for a cluster of LEDs and put a clicker switch on the buttcap.

--Parachute cord. 25 or 50 feet should do.

--Duct Tape. Which I'm sure speaks for itself.

--Super glue and/or quick-bonding 2-part epoxy. I used to have a tube of 2-part that I kept in my backpack, but I couldn't tell you what happened to it to save my life.

--Collapsible Cup. The only question now is should I get an actual cup, or just the shot-glass sized model?

--Binoculars. One of those little pairs of 8x21s that fold up would be ideal.

--First aid kit. Nothing overly complicated; iodine, band-aids, bandages, antiseptic, tampons, stuff like that

--Compass. A nice one.

--Glow sticks. Two or three smaller ones in a hard case to prevent accidental activation.

--Fishing line. A good length, on some sort of retractable spool.


--Palm Pilot, or at the very least a portable computer of some kind.

Another thing to think about is what kind of belt to put this on. They make belts with pouches on them, but those pouches are all a uniform size. I thought about getting one of those, but I think it'd be much more efficient to gather all this stuff together, get pouches that fit the stuff well, and the attach it all to a web belt. Allows for a lot more modularity.

Everything on my list from yesterday has been done. I have officially been extremely productive today. First time I've done that in a while.

In other news, I'm seriously considering putting a crossbow bolt in the moron downstairs who's shooting off his leftover fireworks.